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It seemed, more recently, New Year’s “Art Market”, in the report about which I collected a few important tips. And now, I’m preparing the material for the spring.In general, spring and March 8 is a golden time for all florists and suite designers. Bouquets and compositions of flowers and sweets at this time order and buy, as never before in a year.

We prepared the top of my observations and advice, which I want to share with you. I hope you find them useful!

Observations and tips for participating in the fair:

  • Prices

The question is very important and more often than not I am asked exactly by him. I analyzed the experience of participating in the past “Art Market” and once again convinced that the bouquets at the fairs are better to exhibit inexpensive. This time on March 4 I wanted to get on target 100% and sell as many bouquets as possible. And it happened. First of all, they bought out small bouquets in kraft paper for 250 dollars. And, even when the bouquets were already over, the buyers approached and asked about them. There were compositions and more expensive, but several of them I took back home. With the option to discover singapore businesses you will have the best deals now.

Of course, to calculate the cost by which you put bouquets for sale should be considered. In the price to put the cost price of a bouquet – sweets and materials, the work. This time I managed to create a bright little bouquet with low costs of materials and time. And since I live in a small town, my price tag coincided with the average price of works on the market of 250 dollars.

  • Communicate with the organizers

This is the next most popular question! In the era of social networks, posters and announcements for participants in fairs and exhibitions primarily appear in thematic urban groups. Our organizers inform about the gathering 2 weeks before the event in their group. Therefore, be sure to subscribe to the organizers and wait for the posters. And I will give a little advice. Pay the table in advance, as soon as announced. At popular exhibitions, the sites are dismantled very quickly! And the event itself is best to be among the first to take a comfortable place.

  • Here we are smoothly moved to the issue of decorating the table

We advise taking all sorts of shelves so that the bouquets were at different levels. This will not only increase the space on a small table, but also help to emphasize and highlight the necessary compositions. I got a shelf from the fact that on the bottom of the table I arranged hand bouquets, and on the top – tabletops.

If in your bouquet, as well as at me the big part is occupied with packing, it is necessary to spread out them so that from different directions it was visible flowers. You can keep your faith over good at hand bouquets Singapore. We have prepared bouquets of every possible shades that each buyer has found color which it is necessary to liking. As a result, my desk looked so bright that it was impossible to pass by.

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